2020 and 2021 has been poor when it comes to money but rich when it comes to making new music with my boys in Tons of Blue. We first settled Tons of Sobs back in 2017. FREE and Paul Rogers cover band.

Early 2020 our first songs were made by the kitchen table with the guitarist Bjørnar Selsbak and the drummer Paal. G. Iversen. We brought the material to the rehearsal room and presented it to the bass player Rolf Hoff baltzersen where we began to jam around.

Our first single Church Upon a Hill came out at May 28. with a video to it made at Dora, Trondheim with a backdrop of artist Staale Gerhardsen.

Some day in July, nobody knows when, the second album came out. All My life had some technical issues with Spotify and got delayed big time. But her it is:

Friday August 20. the album Tons of Blue will be out on all digital platforms. Vinyl will be released hopefully during September as we are waiting for the factory to press our babies.