Ann-Lill Doobiedoo Grendahl Elshaug born in Trondheim, Norway, February 21. 1969.

Grew up as a single child the first years partly at Dragvoll Gård (Strinda, Trondheim), a farm now better known as NTNU, Norges Teknisk- Vitenskapelige Universitet and the farm her dad grew up in, in the magic monutains of Trollheimen (Home of the Trolls), Norway.  A small village called Rørdalen, Rindal. Close contact with animals and the magic of food from the nature was a daily routine. Growing up with great grand parents, grandparents and parents, uncles and aunts filled her first years with love and joy.

At an early stage of life her parents moved away from the farm and not long after her parents split up. The first taste of life not being so pink and nice as she wished for. Early school years was harsh as it was not morally legal to be a divorce-kid. Other children where told to stay away from that immoral family, they didn’t want their kids to adopt this unusable behavior. By spending a lot of time alone she learned to never be bored by play music or paint and draw. This led to her formal education as a graphic designer and illustrator.

But in music and dance she could dream away just feel the freedom of doing something special with other kids that had the focus on what they had to do to make the show  as beautiful as possible.

By 4 years old she attended Almas Danseskole to start classic ballet. This led later to jazz ballet, break dance and several other dance classes. This has been very useful skills to have making up choreography as a backing singer.

During the past 36 years she’s been a backing singer for other artists and band. Gathered great singers to join in when she was asked to. Creating the voice harmonies for Betty Big Boom Band, Stargazer, The Wall and a long list. She started as a main vocalist with some kids she by accident bumped into at a bus in 1983.

Attended Rock Class at Trøndertun, Gauldal Folkehøgskule in 1989 and had piano lessons and dance classes since the was wearing diapers. It was on her grandfathers lap by the piano she was introduced for music. By 7 she started the piano classes but was thrown out as she never learned to read the sheets. If you consider to hire this one, do not expect her to read the sheets… She can see if it goes up or down. That’s it. Honestly, you don’t need to bring any sheets at all. She’ll follow the music anyway.

She’s now the singer in the classic 70’s rock band Tons of Blue from Trondheim. Even tho she had sworn she would never be in front again. Until she met those fabulous musicians that made her make up her own vocal lines as they were jamming around. The famous world break during 2020 and 2021 gave the band time and space to write and record their first album “Tons of Blue” that will be out from August 20. 2021. The second album is also to be recorded in the end of 2021.

In her early 20’s she got her first Tarot deck and learned fast to respect what she was doing to keep the integrity of reading other peoples life as the cards revealed themselves. Never to mess with anyone’s mind. Spiritually she had a boost when she became pregnant with her first and only child. Even her voice changed to the better during this pregnancy. The joy and struggle  of watching her beloved daughter grow up kept her alive during rough times. Tarot reading is a magical universe that plays a big role in her life but music is her main occupation and what she is well known for in her city.